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ISNN 2021 Registration



Check the category that applies to you, within the table below, then PROCEED:

Category Until June 30
(reduced rate)
July 1 - Sept 26
(regular rate)
Regular registration fees
Congress only (no NGx course) EUR 100 EUR 120
Congress & NGx course EUR 140 EUR 170
NGx course only EUR 50 EUR 60
Underprivileged countries (including Romania and Moldova)1
Congress only (no NGx course) EUR 75 EUR 90
Congress & NGx course EUR 100 EUR 130
NGx course only EUR 40 EUR 50
Congress only (no NGx course) EUR 25 EUR 40
Congress & NGx course EUR 40 EUR 50
NGx course only EUR 30 EUR 40

1 Underprivileged countries: if you are a citizen of one of the following countries <list> then you qualify for this category.

2 Student fees: if you are a student (undergraduate, graduate or postgraduate) then you qualify for this category. This includes being a registered student to any educational institution, in a study program that includes: Medicine, Biology, Pharmacology, Genetics, Nutrition/Dietetics, or any other field that can relate to nutrition. Such programs include undergraduate, graduate, or postgraduate levels (college, faculty, master, doctoral, and postdoctoral).

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